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Name of Range: Brockholes
Location: Brockholes, south of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
Type: Privately owned by Huddersfield RC
Number of Targets: 3 electronic targets at 200yds. 3 at 500yds. Gazebos are used to keep rain off the monitors.
Terrain: In the side of a valley, up a steep road from the main Huddersfield to Holmfirth road. 200yds is across a meadow slightly downhill, 500yds is up the road shooting across a large dip into some woods.
Firing Points: Well kept, soft and flat grass firing points at 200yds. There is a barbed wire fence which you have to carefully poke your barrel through, and shoot slightly downhill at the targets. At 500yds the firing points are soft grass, and you have to point slightly up and to the left at the targets. Try and get the extreme right hand firing position at 500yds for fantastic views across the valley. (if you like to look at the view whilst shooting!)
Facilities: Club shed at 200yds, cleaning bench, outside toilets. Ample parking space in field. Basic shelter at 500yds. The club shed is directly behind the firing points so learn to cope with the distraction of people chatting. Also remember to wear ear plugs in the club shed.
Range direction: South East
Prevailing conditions: Wind conditions are particularly tricky as the range is on the side of a hill. 200yds is easy enough except for the bull being tiny. At 500yds there is one wind flag, high up and in the middle of the distance, which catches the prevailing wind blowing up the valley. The wind is known to swirl around the trees. The plus side is that the range is one of the most beautiful and is a pleasure to shoot at.
Flora and Fauna: Cows are known to wander onto the meadow between 200yds, stopping shooting. In late spring the wooded area behind the 200yd targets is full of bluebells and looks very pretty. Plenty of small birds and wildlife about. Trees provide an all year round backdrop of colour.
Civilian Clubs: Huddersfield RC
Nearest Pub: The Rock, bottom of the hill from Brockholes, on the A616.

From M62, Jun. 24 on A629 south to Huddersfield centre.

Join the ringroad and follow signs to Holmfirth. Stay in the middle lane and bear first right at a large set of lights onto the A616 to Holmfirth. (NOT the right hand lane which is the A62 to Oldham, a common mistake).

You should be on a long straight flat A616 going south west out of Huddersfield. Follow this for about a mile and turn left at the main set of lights (pubs opposite and on the right).

Follow the road (still A616) for about 3 miles out of built up area and through smaller settlements.

Fork left at lights with a recreation ground on the left (still on main road).

After 1/2 mile with The Rock pub on right, turn left up a residential road.

Join another road and follow it up the hill, past the train station, under the bridge.

The road is now a steep narrow country road and Brockholes range is on the right, car parking in a field through a gate.

See the map on WWW.MULTIMAP.CO.UK

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Brought to you by the Yorkshire Rifle Association